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Winstone turns down Sweeney?

RayWinstone.jpgAccording to a quote from Danny Dyer, who is set to appear in the Nick Love directed film adaptation of The Sweeney, Ray Winstone is far too busy to appear in the film but that Paul Bettany is being sought for the role.

The Sweeney was a seventies television show in the UK which starred John Thaw and Dennis Waterman. It followed the exploits of the task force in the police assigned to armed robberies, and their rather harder edged operating procedures and exploits. Even now the show could be deemed quite violent.

Ray Winstone was rumoured to be involved in The Sweeney's big screen outing, taking over in the lead role of Jack Regan, originally played by John Thaw, and that would have been a superb casting for him, however WENN through Digital Spy have Danny Dyer saying that he might not be in the film after all:

"He's too busy with stuff like Indiana Jones. He's got a house in Los Angeles. I think Nick is going for Paul Bettany now."

I really hope this is wrong because I would love to see Winstone play that character, and if he's right about Paul Bettany I'd be less than happy, I just don't see Bettany pulling off the role as well, despite him being a strong actor.

Oh, and what a surprise that Dyer is in the film, another Nick Love film role for him!



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