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X-Files 2 to start filming

X-Files_Poster.jpgIt seems that X-Files 2 is on for definite as David Duchovny says that after years of rumours and uncertainty, X-Files 2 is finally going to happen and will start filming in December – yes there's now a filming date, really!

He also says that the script is finished, which is usually a good thing before the filming starts, but it does show that the film is ready.

The only twinge of regret I have about this project is that the story is not supposed to continue the alien invasion thread, something that seems crazy to abandon, and that it will be a stand alone horror story. I'm praying that this is misdirection though.

Still, at least we're going to see a second film with the original cast on board, but it looks like there will be no nice endings for any of us.

MovieWeb through Empire has the interview with David Duchovny which doesn't give us much more about X-Files 2, but a filming confirmation has to be the best and most positive news for the series in a good while.



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