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Zombie's u-turn on remakes

RobZombie.jpgStephen Susco, the writer of the Grudge remake, has dug out an excellent article where Rob Zombie says that there is no way he'd remake Dawn of the Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because he'd just look like and idiot.

Actually his words are a bit stronger, and he goes on and dives right in, not knowing that he'd be seeing his own remake of John Carpenter's Halloween going through cinemas. You have to read his words, they are rather amusing.

From Icons of Fright comes the interview that Stephen Susco picked up on his blog, here's the question that was asked:

“How do you feel about big budget remakes of Dawn of the Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?”

...and here's what Rob Zombie said, prepare yourself now:

“I feel it's the worst thing that any filmmaker can do.”

Wow. Okay, listen to this, it gets better.

“I actually got a call from my agent and they asked me if I wanted to be involved with the remake of Chainsaw. I said no [expletive removed] way! Those movies are perfect- you're only going to make yourself look like an asshole by remaking them. Go remake something that's a piece of shit and make it good. Like with my movie I have elements of Chainsaw in it because I love that movie so much, but I wouldn't dare want to 'remake' it. It's like a band trying to be another band. You can sound like the Beatles but you can't be the Beatles.”

Oh my lord, he's done a great job of digging himself a hole there. Of course time changes things and perhaps because John Carpenter was involved he thought this would be something more than a straight remake....but still.

His words there are pretty harsh and final, it does sound like there's no going back from that kind of thing once you've said it. Oh, but then there's Halloween.



nice find

dude. wow. his foot was so far down his throat he got bile on his keds.


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