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24 Day 7 World Premiere trailer online

24_Poster.jpgNow I know this isn't film, it's Television, but the box set could be thought of as a serialised film, and in fact the production values are so good and story line is so intense that it might as well be.

So here is the trailer for 24 Day 7, and this is the reason I'm posting this, is because it really is surprising and the plot is being taken forward leaps and bounds.

There's going to be the obvious comparison with Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) (Filmstalker review), but you know with twenty-four hours to go, that there will be much, much more than just what is shown. In fact that's probably just the opening plot twist.

You can see the trailer right here, but you may need to install the DivX player, don't worry, it doesn't take up much space.

For those of you who aren't going to install the player, here's a quick rundown of series seven of 24.

CTU is shut down for good and Jack Bauer, played by cool Kiefer Sutherland is facing a Congressional Committee, or some such politically askew witch hunt. However right around the corner is a national security issue that results in the FBI borrowing Bauer to try and stop a new band of terrorists, cyber terrorists, led by someone Jack thought was dead...Tony Almeida.

Yes, Carlos Bernard is back, and despite there being no CTU, so are Mary Lynn Rajskub, playing Chloe O'Brian and James Morrison playing Bill Buchanan. The President this time is played by Cherry Jones, with Bob Gunton and Colm Feore as her Chief of Staff and the First Gentleman.

Honestly this series looks pretty intense, as was the last one. I really don't see how they can bring this sort of constant pressure and raising of the stakes hour by hour to the big screen.

I really do believe that television series are outdoing films these days, and not just because they have more time to spend on the story, but in the writing and direction.



quite honestly, i'd be absolutely delighted if there were more talk of serialized television series on filmstalker. i understand if you just don't watch them or have the same passion for it that you do movies, but any time you feel like writing about today's television, i think it comes off well.

about 24, until season 6 episode 11, i had never missed an episode. Australian television schedules forced me to miss it from then on. so the dvd of 24 is like, my only chance to see it, and thanks for this.

Well you're wrong there mogulus, I do have the same passion. I think I might have the same problem as you do though, all the new shows are in the States and we never see them in the UK for ages.

Still, I have a fair few I am enjoying watching, and maybe there's something to be had about writing on the better ones.

Any ideas for the content? Just straight news, or a few features?


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