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A Journal to Jordan for Washington

DenzelWashington.jpgJohn Burnham Schwartz is the writer of Reservation Road and has revealed that he's writing the script for the next Denzel Washington film which tells the true story of a soldier heading out to Iraq that wrote a journal for his son Jordan.

Unfortunately he never came back from Iraq and the journal became the father's knowledge and guidance to be passed onto his son Jordan.

I wrote about the story before where we heard that the story is to be based on the New York Times essay in which his widow talks about the journal.

Rope of Silicon has some more details after John Burnham Schwartz talked at the press junket for Reservation Road.

The script is going to be adapted from the article called From Father to Son, Last Words to Live By, written by the New York Times journalist and widow of the soldier Charles M. King, Dana Canedy.

He had been writing a two hundred page journal that he knew was to be in place of him bringing up his son should he be killed in action.

The article can be read over at the New York Times, and it also inspired Canedy to write a book about it called "A Journal for Jordan: Hopes, Prayers, and Life Lessons from a Fallen Soldier and the Woman He Loved for the Son He Left Behind".

Denzel Washington will play the soldier, and as I said before it does feel like a pretty standard role for the actor. He's going to play a heart wrenching role which he's done so many times before.

Personally I would like to see another actor take the role and have Washington tackle something more dramatic, I just think he's done this too many times before.



This article made me cry and I am so glad this movie's being made. I have to disagree with Denzel Washington playing dramatic roles. He did the voiceover in The Bible Experience however he did do the sappy role of reading Song of Songs but I think it was a big step. Why ruin a good thing? He's doing what he's good at. If ain't broke, don't fix it.


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