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Academy announces Foreign Film nominees

Oscar.jpgThe Academy have announced the nominees for the Oscar's Foreign Film category, and while the absence of the United Kingdom is obvious there are a few other controversial choices.

Ang Lee's Lust, Caution was said to not have enough Taiwanese participation to be allowed entry for Taiwan. Meanwhile Israel's first entry was deemed illegible because over fifty percent of the dialogue was in English, therefore making it a non-foreign film in their eyes – now that I don't understand.

Well if you want dialogue that is more than fifty-percent English then look to the Australia entry of The Home Song Stories (Filmstalker review) which is almost entirely English, but then it's allowed because the majority of Australia speaks English...

I just don't understand that rule, I really don't. Anyway, here's the list of all the nominees through Variety minus any from the United Kingdom because the English committee won't submit a Scottish or Welsh film.

Argentina, "XXY," Lucia Puenzo
Australia, "The Home Song Stories," Tony Ayres
Austria, "The Counterfeiters," Stefan Ruzowitzky
Azerbaijan, "Caucasia," Farid Gumbatov
Bangladesh, "On the Wings of Dreams," Golam Rabbany Biplob
Belgium, "Ben X," Nic Balthazar
Bosnia and Herzegovina, "It's Hard to Be Nice," Srdan Vuletic
Brazil, "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation," Cao Hamburger
Bulgaria, "Warden of the Dead," Ilian Simeonov
Canada, "Days of Darkness," Denys Arcand
Chile, "Padre Nuestro," Rodrigo Sepulveda
China, "The Knot," Yin Li
Colombia, "Satanas," Andi Baiz
Croatia, "Armin," Ognjen Svilicic
Cuba, "The Silly Age," Pavel Giroud
Czech Republic, "I Served the King of England," Jiri Menzel
Denmark, "The Art of Crying," Peter Schonau Fog
Egypt, "In the Heliopolis Flat," Mohamed Khan
Estonia, "The Class," Ilmar Raag
Finland, "A Man's Job," Aleksi Salmenpera
France, "Persepolis," Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud
Georgia, "The Russian Triangle," Aleko Tsabadze
Germany, "The Edge of Heaven," Fatih Akin
Greece, "Eduart," Angeliki Antoniou
Hong Kong, "Exiled," Johnnie To
Hungary, "Taxidermia," Gyorgy Palfi
Iceland, "Jar City," Baltasar Kormakur
India, "Eklavya -- The Royal Guard," Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Indonesia, "Denias, Singing on the Cloud," John De Rantau
Iran, "M for Mother," Rasoul Mollagholipour
Iraq, "Jani Gal," Jamil Rostami
Ireland, "Kings," Tom Collins
Israel, "Beaufort," Joseph Cedar
Italy, "The Unknown," Giuseppe Tornatore
Japan, "I Just Didn't Do It," Masayuki Suo
Kazakhstan, "Mongol," Sergei Bodrov
Korea, "Secret Sunshine," Chang-dong Lee
Lebanon, "Caramel," Nadine Labaki
Luxembourg, "Little Secrets," Pol Cruchten
Macedonia, "Shadows," Milcho Manchevski
Mexico, "Silent Light," Carlos Reygadas
The Netherlands, "Duska," Jos Stelling
Norway, "Gone With the Woman," Petter Naess
Peru, "Crossing a Shadow," Augusto Tamayo
Philippines, "Donsol," Adolfo Alix Jr.
Poland, "Katyn," Andrzej Wajda
Portugal, "Belle Toujours," Manoel de Oliveira
Puerto Rico, "Love Sickness," Carlitos Ruiz, Mariem Perez
Romania, "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days," Cristian Mungiu
Russia, "12," Nikita Mikhalkov
Serbia, "The Trap," Srdan Golubovic
Singapore, "881," Royston Tan,
Slovakia, "Return of the Storks," Martin Repka
Slovenia, "Short Circuits," Janez Lapajne
Spain, "The Orphanage," J.A. Bayona
Sweden, "You, the Living," Roy Andersson
Switzerland, "Late Bloomers," Bettina Oberli
Taiwan, "Island Etude," Chen Huai-En
Thailand, "King of Fire," Chatrichalerm Yukol
Turkey, "A Man's Fear of God," Ozer Kiziltan
Uruguay, "The Pope's Toilet," Enrique Fernandez, Cesar Charlone
Venezuela, "Postcards From Leningrad," Mariana Rondon
Vietnam, "The White Silk Dress," Luu Huynh



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