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Anderson talks Long Good Friday remake

PaulWSAnderson.jpgI can hardly believe the words that are coming out of the mouth of Paul W.S. Anderson regarding the remake of the classic, and almost perfect, British gangster film The Long Good Friday,

He was talking about why he got the lead on remaking it and no one else did, and when he reveals who he beat for the role you'll be stunned.

The original film is a superbly written story that concentrates on characters and relationships rather than out and out violence. It features some stunning scenes, including the meat factory and the excellent ending. It stars Bob Hoskins in one of his best roles, Helen Mirren and Pierce Brosnan.

It's a surprise that Paul W.S. Anderson is remaking this film, and so Empire asked him just how he got on board, and my mouth nearly dropped:

“Actually, it’s one of my favourite films and I've been pursuing the rights to it for years and years, as have a lot of people, and Hand Made (who own the rights) turned them all down, including Martin Scorsese”

So Hand Made films, who own the rights to the original, decided that Paul W.S. Anderson could write and direct the remake of their classic better than Martin Scorsese?

“I had a take on it that they really liked and I think they knew that I would respect the original movie enough to keep the essence of the original film”

What, they really believed that after seeing what Scorsese could do with a remake on The Departed (Filmstalker review)?

It already seems that he's off to a bad start, relocating the story to Miami and updating it along the way.

“It's not the IRA in ours, but it is another terrorist organisation, and we're doing it in Miami, so we're re-imagining it for America Otherwise the story beats and characters will pretty much play out. It will have the same human cortège scene at the start; the spitting in the face; he's been away somewhere, but it won’t have been to New York...I think the script [of the original film], Barrie Keeffe’s original screenplay, is so good. And the story is a great story with a great twist in it. And it's pretty remarkable that your lead character is a gangster and you really root for him. I think it's a great movie for a remake, because outside of the UK it's virtually unknown and it was very much a movie of its time. It really captured that London of that time in the same way we're hopefully going to capture Miami of right now”

What the hell were Hand Made thinking? So we're going to see a modern Miami in the background, and what could the deal possibly be that could rival that of the regeneration of London Docklands? Is there such a need in modern Miami?

I just cannot see this working and I just can't figure it out. Why Anderson over Scorsese?



The idea he has sounds awful!

Hahahah! The whole world has gone to pot


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