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Auf Bösem Boden (On Evil Grounds) world screenings

OnEvilGrounds.jpgI reviewed Auf Bösem Boden (On Evil Grounds) quite recently and gave it four stars, quite rightly too as it's an enjoyable film that mixes comedy and thriller very well and produces a diverse and very unique film that touches on many genres.

Peter Koller's excellently shot film is starting to do the festival rounds and is currently playing at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival, is soon to hit the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, and then Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival in Italy, and then the Braunschweig International Film Festival in Germany soon after. Coupled with that it is to receive a theatrical release in France.

The news comes from Peter Koller himself who tells us that his film is showing at the following festivals:

Oct. 20/28/30 - Sao Paulo International Filmfestival (Brazil, 3 Screenings) Oct. (see program)- Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (Argentina) Nov. (see program) - Ravenna Nightmare Filmfestival (Italy, attendance of director) Nov. 9/10 - Braunschweig International Filmfestival (Germany, 2 Screenings, attendance of director, female lead, DOP, line producer)

As for the French theatrical release, he tells us that his Italian world distributor Intramovies has signed a deal with French distributor Chrysalis Films that will see a minimum of fifteen prints in the country during July 2008.

Well done Peter and crew, and if you can attend any of those festivals to see the film you really should. Feel free to transcribe the Q&A for Filmstalker and let us know what you thought of the film.



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