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Awards for Hallam Foe, Brick Lane, and more

HallamFoe.jpgIn the Dinard British Film Festival prizes were announced for Hallam Foe, Brick Lane and Once, while at the Zurich Film Festival Chapter 27, Running with Arnold, The Band's Visit and Twelve in a Box all took awards.

I usually find that these award winners are well worth visiting when they arrive in your local cinema, and the awards often mean that they can have that helping hand to do just that. Of course in the case of some, as with Hallam Foe (Filmstalker review), they already have.

Hallam Foe took the top jury prize of the Golden Hitchcock at Dinard, and the Kodak Prize for Cinematography.

Brick Lane from Sarah Gavron looks at the complex life of a young Bangladeshi woman in London in the 1980's and won the Silver Hitchcock award as well as winning the Grand Marnier Jury Award for the screenplay from Abi Morgan.

The Dinard news comes from Variety as do the Zurich announcements.

J.P. Schaefer's Chapter 27 is another story about Mark David Chapman, the assassin of John Lennon, and it won the Début Feature prize at the Zurich Film Festival. The film stars Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan, surprisingly enough. The Jury said of the film:

“The film presents an interesting look at fame from the point of view of a fan...A view of people who look for links, connections, evidence to justify force and violence toward others.”

Running with Arnold, the Dan Cox documentary, won a Golden Eye award in the New Documentary category.

The Band's Visit (Bikur Ha-Tizmoret) took the festivals New Fiction prize which is a Israeli-French directed by Eran Kolirin and tells the story of an Egyptian Police band who head to play in Israel.

Twelve in a Box, a British comedy from John MacKenzie, took the audience award.

All films worth looking out for.



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