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Basinger and Theron in Burning Plain

KimBasinger.jpgKim Basinger has signed alongside Charlize Theron – let's just pause for a moment and think about that – in The Burning Plain.

The story will pull together two storylines which take place in the past and the present with Basinger playing the mother of Theron's character. The premise sounds very interesting, as does the prospect of seeing these two actresses play off of each other.

The two storylines will look to the difficult youth of Charlize Theron's character and her future attempts at reconciliation with her parents. As the two stories are said to converge by the Variety story, it might be fair to assume that the later storyline pulls back in time.

The Burning Plain is Guillermo Arriaga's directorial debut, Arriaga recently wrote Babel. It sounds an interesting project, and gives Kim Basinger a chance to show her dramatic acting once again, something I think she is very good at but often overlooked.

I think this will not only deliver a really interesting storyline, but we could see some great acting from these two actresses. Now what was that being said about no strong female roles out there?



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