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Blade remake?

Blade.jpgIf this rumour is correct then we're already looking at a remake of the film Blade, you know the really good first one starring Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kriss Kristofferson, Udo Keir and I have to mention Traci Lords in there too.

Well the rumour is that they are going for this year's hot term, the reboot. For you and I normal people who aren't trying to hide behind marketing rubbish, that means remake, aka the reimagining.

The report is from one of those pesky unnamed sources, and they say that it's the comic Blade that wants the reboot, not the studio behind the films to date, New Line, so the new version of Blade may well be looking for a new home, as well as a new lead.

I'm not going to rant about the remake/sequel/prequel/reimagining rubbish that's at the heart of Hollywood right now as Josh over at Cinema Blend has said it best when he wrote about the news from Bloody Disgusting.

However, I do think that something more of Blade is called for. He was an uber-cool character to have on screen, and the first and third outings were pretty damn good, of course there's always room for improvement.

Yet there's no need to restart the franchise. Why would you? Can't they just sequel/prequel it but do it properly? Josh talks about the Hulk being a very recent restart, well if the other rumours are true about the direction of the Superman Returns sequel then that's going to be the newest restart!

I'd be happy for the Blade film series to continue, and if it really has to be a restart so be it, just keep the quality as high as, and above, the original.



Blade was great, Blade 2 is one of my favourite films ever. Blade 3 was utter rubbish.

Weird if they re-make Blade, but if this means that there will another Blade film, I'm keeping an eye out!

If you had seen the tv show, you'd think Blade III deserved an Oscar. I couldn't believe how bad it was when I sat down to watch the first episode. I saw a few minutes here and there of subsequent episodes, and I never could get into it.

As for a restart, I think they have some serious casting problems replacing Snipes and Kristofferson, but I'll give it a go if they try it.


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