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Butler and Hall in Game

GerardButler.jpgWe already heard that Gerard Butler was set to star in the film Game, a film that sees players enter a real world multiplayer game which allows you to mind control another real person.

Now there's news that Michael Hall, otherwise known as Dexter and the brother from Six Feet Under, is set to play the bad guy of the film, fighting against Gerard Butler's character.

The story sees Butler playing the current champion of the game called The Slayers, Kable. I'm not sure if he decides on his own or is given a mission in game, but he decides to try and break free of the mind control and rediscover his identity.

From the sounds of the story over at CHUD Gerard Butler will be playing one of the real world people who is under control and is trying to break out of that and get free from the people that are "playing" him.

Michael Hall will be playing a character called Ken Castle who seems to be the man behind the game, or perhaps the man controlling Butler's character through the mind control.

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are the men behind the film and are set to direct it much in the same vein as the visually stunning and heart attack inducing Crank (Filmstalker review).



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