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Cassavetes to direct Captain America?

NickCassavetes.jpgNick Cassavetes may be in negotiations to direct Captain America according to the loose lips of his mother Gina Rowlands.

She was on ITV's This Morning show and revealed that he was originally up to direct Iron Man, something we had heard rumours of for some time, and now he's thinking about directing Captain America.

Would Nick Cassavetes turn in a good Captain America? Think of Alpha Dog his most recent film. CHUD has the rumour from one of their readers who caught the show.

I'm not so sure the Director is the issue for this film, I feel that Marvel should be thinking who would accept a Captain America character in today's world. Perhaps maybe that's a good thing and they could really develop a strong superhero story based on the current world feeling…but how could it work?

In the end Captain America is Captain America. He stands for everything that America believes in, on paper anyway that doesn't mean it is actually what is practiced in real life.

That, I feel, will be the problem with this superhero, he may be too American for a worldwide audience.



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