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Updated: Charlie Wilson's War reshoots

CharlieWilsonsWar.jpgYou know most films go through reshoots of one kind of another, but it's out of the norm to see huge reshoots such as The Invasion, especially with different Directors, but it's just as unusual to see reshoots climbing to the expense of US $30 million.

That's the rumoured cost of the reshoots on the set of Charlie Wilson's War, the new political film starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Updated: Universal have updated IESB and told them that there's absolutely no truth to these rumours and there were no reshoots apart from a very short and small one due to poor weather.

Now this could be for a number of reasons, and probably the most likely is that the reshoots need the presence of the two big named actors on set, that means Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks turning up for extra, unscheduled days, now I could see that costing a lot of money already.

IESB has the story that carries the rumour that Charlie Wilson's War is in a bit of trouble, now I'm not sure I'd sign up to this rumour just yet, at least this film is keeping it's Director and the reshoots could just be expensive because of the stars.

However it does suggest that the reshoots could be quite lengthy, and one might wonder why they are doing so much. The conjecture is that with political films such as Rendition (Filmstalker review) not doing so well that they've decided to alter it.

Well that's not unheard of either, but perhaps they're just going for expensive reshoots to make the film better after some test screenings? We'll have to wait and see.



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