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Child's Play remake?

ChildsPlay.jpgThe classic horror film Child's Play, the Hostel/Manhunt of its day, is to get a remake. Yes, Hollywood hasn't finished ripping the heart out of the back catalogue.

Child's play features that little doll called Chucky that comes to life and starts murdering people. There's the plot for you, and that's the remake.

Producers David Kirschner and Corey Siniega have revealed that they're going to work on a film called Chucky, which is a remake of that original Child's Play, but this one's going to be much scarier.

“...pushing it further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which is pretty scary as it is.”

Is the comment that comes from Shock Till You Drop through Bloody Disgusting. However they do reveal they have no Director in store yet and they have just been working on story ideas. He does reveal that the script would be pretty close to the original although there would be new twists and deaths to surprise the existing fans.

They did think to ask him why, to which he gave a pretty misguided answer.

“Look at 'Halloween'...It's kind of commerce to keep the franchise going, and another reason to go see it. For me, it's exciting, because the first one was really scary...I think could be exciting.”

Wow, and Halloween was your answer? Oh that's not such a great reason to be honest. However, that said, the original Child's Play is not in the same league as the original Halloween.



Are You serious? How retarted is the movie industry that they cannot come up with anymore origional horror movies. why would you even waste your time remaking a movie that needs no Remake. Yes they remade Halloween and yes I thought it was good but the only reason they did that is because Myers Never had a true origion story he just was. Chucky however does and they pretty much killed it with those crappy sequals.

Well said Andrew!


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