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Clip's 'n' Pics: The Mist and Hitman

Hitman.jpgThere's a new Hitman TV spot online which carries much of the footage from the previous trailers as well as a few new shots, and there are eight clips from Frank Darabont's adaptation of the Stephen King story, The Mist online too.

Both are looking strong films, but of the two my money's with The Mist, for I just think that maybe the lead of Hitman wasn't the right choice. Have a look for yourself

The Hitman clip looks cool. There's no way you can deny the action and style doesn't look really good. However there is one thing that still isn't right for me and it appears a lot of other people agree, Timothy Olyphant. He just doesn't look or feel right for the role, he doesn't seem like the Hitman from the game series.

Still the clip looks strong and you can see it over at Rope of Silicon [Flash].

The Mist clips come from TerrorFeed [Flash] through MoviesOnline, and they give a really good feel for the film. Not only that but they also have a couple of clips that show some of the smaller creatures and they look pretty cool. In fact the whole film does. Have a look at the clips and see what you think, I hope it turns out to be as dark as the clips make it look.



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