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Clooney for G.I. Joe?

GeorgeClooney.jpgI find this hard to believe, but the rumour out today is that George Clooney is looking for a blockbuster to star in and that he's talking about appearing in G.I. Joe.

What makes it worse is that the news was out a few days ago that he had walked away from Joe Carnahan's White Jazz, which would have been a superb film made all the better for having him in the lead. If he has walked away for this I'll be sorely disappointed.

The rumour has some strength to it though as George Clooney does like to make money and deals for his smaller projects with the bigger films, and this would suggest that if he's looking for a blockbuster then he has a smaller, less studio appealing film up his sleeve.

Well I'm trying to find the good side to seeing George Clooney play the character of Duke in G.I. Joe, more to the point I'm trying to see the good side of him dropping out of Joe Carnahan's White Jazz.

Yes the rumour from IESB, and they have it from someone they believe is a reliable source, is that George Clooney is being offered the role of Duke in G.I. Joe. Now remember that's offered, not accepted nor considering, it's just offered.

All this is proving so far is that the makers of the film are aiming high. Mind you Duke is often considered the main character of the series and is the second in command of the G.I. Joe team as well as the most recognisable face.

If Clooney wanted cash and backing for his next project, this would certainly drop it his way.



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