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Clooney leaves White Jazz

GeorgeClooney.jpgJoe Carnahan has revealed that George Clooney is leaving White Jazz.

Unfortunately it seems that scheduling conflicts with Michael Clayton promotional work and the delay in his Leatherheads film will mean that he can't appear in White Jazz, unless that is bumped out too, something that Carnahan says he isn't wanting to do.

However the good news is that Joe Carnahan has been talking to someone else about starring, since Friday in fact, and that he's really excited about who this could be. He reveals on his blog:

"Right now, (actually it began on friday) we're in the process of trying to plug a guy into this movie that, if it works, would be pretty [Rather excited word removed - Richard] amazing. No, INCREDIBLY [Rather excited word removed - Richard] amazing, so we'll see what happens."

Those are his own words. So who could he be excited about? Who could be replacing George Clooney?



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