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Close Encounters 30th Anniversary trailer

CloseEncounters.jpgPreviously I wrote about the new Close of Encounters of the Third Kind special 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray, a release that features all of the versions of the film as well as brand new extras.

Now I've managed to find the trailer for the release, although it's far from comparable with the Blu-ray quality it does show us some of the footage from the anniversary edition.

I'm actually surprised, I thought that I would see some new footage in the trailer, but since I've only ever seen the Special Edition of Close Encounters of the Third Kind I think I've seen all of it. Still, what this edition offers is a new interview with Steven Spielberg, the original release, the 1980 Special Edition and the Spielberg Director's Cut as well as the original Watch the Skies documentary and storyboard to scene comparisons.

This is definitely on my wishlist. Here's the trailer [FLV:14.1MB] for the ultimate edition courtesy of st39.6 from Movie-List Forums. It's in FLV format, so you might need a player such as FLVSoft's FLV Player.



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