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Closing Credits: Deborah Kerr

DeborahKerr.jpgDeborah Kerr died on Tuesday at the age of eighty six. She was most known for her roles in The King and I alongside Yul Brynner and for her steamy role in From Here to Eternity where she controversially cavorted with Burt Lancaster in the breaking waves.

Deborah Kerr was nominated for Best Actress some six times, but never won until she was presented with an honorary Oscar in 1994 for her entire career.

I didn't realise that she was born in Helensburgh in Scotland. Her early career was in ballet, and a short while after her stage debut at aged seventeen she turned to drama and appeared on stage until the theatre was shut down in 1939 due to the start of World War II.

Her first speaking role was in the film Contraband, but was unfortunately cut from the film. One of her early films was The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp where she played three separate roles, something that brought her a good amount of press. Movies magazines said of her performance:

"It is astonishing how she manages to make the three parts distinctly separate as characterizations."

Her career went on to play typecast ladylike roles for some time until she decided to rebel and took the role of an alcoholic, sex-starved wife of an Army officer who had a passionate fling with the character played by Burt Lancaster in the amazing From Here to Eternity.

During her career she worked with almost all of Hollywood's leading men and Directors.

Associated Press through Yahoo News has a classic comment from her near the end of her career:

"I have never had a fight with any director, good or bad...There is a way around everything if you are smart enough."

They also have a great write up of her entire career, including the quote from Kirk Douglas, one of her leading men, who said of the actress:

"She was not only a fine actress but always a fine lady."

She had an amazing career and is truly one of those Hollywood icons that stands out on the cinema screen, and will do forever. Her roles are unforgettable, and who can tire of seeing her in The King and I? I surely do not and will not.

Actress: Deborah Kerr



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