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Closing Credits: Lois Maxwell, Miss Monneypenny

MissMoneypenny.jpgLois Maxwell has passed away on Saturday aged just eighty years old. She was the well known Miss Moneypenny from the opening film of the Bond series Dr. No, starring alongside the first film Bond, Sean Connery.

She went on to appear a whole fourteen times as the original Miss Moneypenny, with her last appearance as the iconic character being when she was fifty eight in A View to A Kill, after which a new Moneypenny was gound.

Her appearance in Shirley Temple's comedy That Hagen Girl won her a Golden Globe., and she also appeared in Stanley Kubrick's Lolita, with her television career spanning such programes as The Saint, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and The Persuaders.

According to the Associated Press through Yahoo News Lois Maxwell died Perth, Australia, near her home.

Roger Moore issued a brief comment on her passing.

“It's rather a shock...She was always fun and she was wonderful to be with...”

That was something that always came through on screen.

Actress: Lois Maxwell



The most charming Miss Monneypenny. My favourite.


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