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Cohen as Sellers?

SachaBaronCohen.jpgSacha Baron Cohen is being pitched as being the man to replace the great Peter Sellers, luckily though it isn't the best of his films, The Party.

I have to say that thinking of the film and its plot, it probably suits Cohen's style of humour and physical comedy more than anyone I can think of, and although I wouldn't normally like to say I don't mind a Peter Sellers film being remade, but this one might work.

The Party is a Blake Edwards film from 1968 that stars Peter Sellers as an accident prone Indian Hollywood extra that mistakenly invites himself to a top Hollywood party, and before long he's causing chaos.

Now while I think that Sacha Baron Cohen is perfect for the physical side of the role, I'm not that sure about the more subtle side of the comedy and performance, after all there's nothing subtle about Cohen's performances are there?

However there's nothing certain as yet, the rumour comes from PageSix through Hollywood.com and there's nothing announced, however it does sound a strong fit. What do you think?



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