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Cronenberg's Brood remake?

TheBrood.jpgIt appears that a writer has been hired to work on the early David Cronenberg film The Brood with plans to remake it for the big screen.

We already heard that Darren Lynn Bousman is set to remake the classic Scanners with the excellent David Goyer writing, so does this indicate that Cronenberg's early work is not on the remake conveyor belt?

Cory Goodman is the writer who is on board for the remake screenplay according to Variety through Jo Blo. Goodman also wrote the screenplay for the big screen versions of Kung Fu and of the comic adaptation Priest.

The original The Brood told the story of a husband trying to uncover the truth behind the unusual treatments that his wife's therapist, played by the great Oliver Reed, is using. During his investigation he starts to find that a strange group of mutant children are committing brutal attacks and he seems to think there is some connection.

It's an interesting story that possibly could benefit from a remake, but a good remake. It all depends on who the Director is attached and if there are other writers pulled in for rewrites. It would be a dream if David Cronenberg returned to remake this himself, but I very much doubt he would do a remake, especially one that someone else has written from his own script and film.



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