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DePalma talks Untouchables sequel

BrianDePalma.jpgThankfully we heard that Nicolas Cage was no longer playing Capone in the prequel to the Untouchables, and Brian De Palma has been talking more about what is happening on the sequel. From the sounds of it not much.

De Palma has revealed that he still hasn't cast Capone although the good news is that Gerard Butler is still set to play Jimmy Malone, the character that Sean Connery played.

Through MTV Movies Blog Brian De Palma reveals a few insights for the casting of Capone:

"You've got to have that street animal sexuality."

He also talked about the sequel as a whole, and how he wants to try and keep it as close to the original as possible:

"I would like to use a lot of the original music from 'The Untouchables,' and the original locations in Chicago...It's got a lot of fabulous set pieces in it. It will be a lot of fun to do."

Now that is some good news, although locations and soundtrack are not what the whole film was about, it was great writing, superb directing and some fantastic performances.

I sincerely believe that we are seeing a return to all that, especially since Nicolas Cage is off, after all the man making a comedy about sharing a holiday home that's double booked, could hardly turn to the face of Capone and set up the character that Al Pacino Robert De Niro [What was I thinking?! Thanks Rab!] made so great.

The question is though, who can play Capone?



Tony Soprano is the only guy that could pull it off...

Al Pacino? it was Di Nero dude.

Yeah! People are reading...

I'd love to say I chucked that in to see if people are reading, and sometimes I do, but I'll own up to that one, I made a mistake!

Why not cast Russell Crowe? He can do just about any type of accent, he's not too tall and he's willing to put on weight for a role.

Butler playing a younger Malone is perfect casting to me but an actor to play a younger Capone? I cn't really think of one!

Crowe? I don't think he has it for me...and I'm with Simone, I'm struggling with who could do it.

If they had thought about this project years ago, I would bat for Anthony LaPaglia, isn't he just a deadringer for De Niro?

(Of course I didnt mean to limit the choices of actors that we had to look for someone who looked like De Niro to play Capone.)

Anthony LaPaglia of course, good choice. Not just for looks but he's a cracking actor and a great screen presence - Louise will like you for that choice.

I thought being the woman I'll mention the good looks and you can mention the acting talent. Hehehe...


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