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DiCaprio and Clooney in political play


Beau Willimon is going to adapt his own play for the screen treatment which will see Leonardo DiCaprio star and George Clooney considering joining him at the front, but will Clooney also direct?

At the moment he's just in talks, but it sounds like a project right up his street. It's probably fair to say to say that he'll pick up directorial duties before he takes the lead role, but maybe he'll do both.

It always hits me just how much he's turned around his career, and it's probably because he had all this talent hidden behind the celebrity persona of the on screen George Clooney for so long. Quite clever if you think about it, build your celebrity status until you have the power and backing to make what you really want.

I've gone from being really bugged by the on screen ER type Clooney to respecting and admiring the man, especially since he's now proving himself as such a talented actor and director.

Willimon drew inspiration for the play from his own experiences working for Howard Dean during the 2004 presidential campaign.

The story sees a young idealistic man become the communications director for a fast tracked presidential candidate fall fowl of the backstabbing and dirty trickery of his, and his candidates, rivals. A bit like working for a big corporation for several years then!

Interestingly Variety tells us that the play is heading to Broadway next year and Jake Gyllenhaal will make his stage debut in the lead, the role that Leonardo DiCaprio.



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