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DiCaprio and Scorsese in Lehane adaptation

LeonardoDiCaprio.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are going to be working once again in a film called Shutter Island which is based on a Dennis Lehane novel.

Not only are we getting these two great talents teaming up again, but we're seeing another strong Lehane novel adapted for the screen.

The story is set in 1954 and tells of U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels, the role that Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks for, who is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a mental hospital and is hiding on Shutter Island.

According to Variety through Rope of Silicon Laeta Kalogridis adapted the Lehane novel for the screen, and considering the novelist we're likely to see something real, emotional and rather dark. Think of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, both by Lehane.

This sounds like a great film for both actor and director to get their teeth into. DiCaprio could really deliver a powerful performance with this source material, and Martin Scorsese will do everything he can to make him and the story shine.

This is going to be well worth watching out for.



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