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Die Hard 4.0 DVD allows legal copying

PCScreen.jpgThe DVD release of Die Hard 4.0 aka Live Free or Die Hard (Filmstalker review) is to have something a little special on the disc.

In a bold move for the studio, who are testing the feature out for inclusion in future DVD releases, it will feature the Die Hard 4.0 film in digital format so that it can be transferred to your computer and portable devices.

The worldwide President of 20th Century Fox seems extremely positive and switched on to offering the film in digital format alongside the physical copy that you've purchased, something I whole heartedly agree with as would a lot of film viewers I know.

Surely if I buy a copy of the film I can do with it what I wish, as long as I am not copying it and giving it to those who do not have a purchased copy. Isn't it only fair that I should be able to take a copy of the film I've purchased and watch it on my PC, or my portable video player as and when I want? The 20th Century Fox President, Mike Dunn, agrees.

"This may be the killer app, where you have physical media that allows you to have a big-screen experience and at the same time move the file around to other devices and have a great experience there as well."

His comment comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News, which also tells us that Warner Brothers are planning a similar offering with their DVD release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

It finally looks like the studio's are sitting up and taking notice of the audience and the people who are paying for their films.

However, don't get the idea that this will be totally open, there will be DRM in the file and that means that only Windows Media Player PlaysForSure enabled devices will be able to play the files. Here's how the use is described in the article:

"To utilize the Digital Copy feature, consumers can insert Disc 2 of the "Live Free" DVD into their computer. A menu will pop up, offering a choice of either executing the Digital Copy application or launching the DVD special features. If the Digital Copy application is selected, the computer will verify the proper requirements and ask the user to enter a 16-digit serial code, found inside the DVD case. After selecting a destination -- either the computer's hard drive or a connected PlaysForSure video player -- the transfer will begin, and the program will be ready for playback after about five minutes."

Well it's not that bad, and it's a great step in the right direction, but limiting to only Windows PlaysForSure enabled devices is quite limiting.

Do you know if your device does? What would you want to do with this feature anyway? Would you watch the film on your laptop or portable player even if you had the DVD at home?



Getting a legal digital copy of the movie is great. Even if I have a DVD player in my laptop I would much rather just put a few movies of the hard drive and watch them that way.

PlaysForSure kind of works, it's like running Windows Media Player on your portable device, but unless it has a pretty big screen I don't see myself watching a full movie on a 3inch screen.

Bah...here I was rushing in to say I would buy it even though I don't really want it just to support the concept, and come to find out, it's WMP only. No thanks...

I can only see myself using this on my computers at home and my media centre, I can't understand the desire to watch films on a screen smaller than 19 inches, and even then that's a struggle when I have a 37 inch in the other room.

I just like the idea of recognition that this should be legal. I think we've discussed before that I have a media server. My best tool to load my media server is now dd which can take 40 hours on some media. I shan't be more specific than that for fear of a knock at the front door. :)

btw, iPhone + travel = good movie watching. Much better than lugging around the old laptop-sized DVD player for my son.

Hey Hap. I've just bought a high speed network and I'm at the beginning of using the media server to stream to the PS3 and cinema system.

It would be nice to be able to have direct access to the electronic version of all the films I've bought.

As a Windows user, you have a lot of good options for loading media onto your server.


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