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Dillon gets Armored

MattDillon.jpgMatt Dillon and Columbus Short have signed up to the film Armored which is about a security guard on an armoured car who is persuaded by his cohorts to steal the US $10 million in the truck.

The story is to be directed by Nimród Antal who brought us the very good Vacancy (Filmstalker review) from a script by James V. Simpson.

According to the story in Variety, Armored is the second heist film for Matt Dillon who looks like he's taking an upwards trend in his career of late ever since Crash (Filmstalker review). Bone Deep will see him star as a Manhattan detective who is trying to track down a gang who specialise in elaborate heists.

After Crash I remembered what a great screen presence Matt Dillon is and what a great performance he can give. I'm all for seeing him in more films, and Armored sounds like a corker for him.



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