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Dillon signed on Chess Records

MattDillon.jpgMatt Dillon is set to play Leonard Chess, the co-founder of Chess Records the Chicago blues record label, in a film entitled Cadillac Records.

The film will look at the rise and fall of the record label which was responsible for the start of the careers of some hefty names, including Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Etta James.

Leonard Chess was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

According to Reuters through Yahoo News Writer/Director Darnell Martin is set to start filming the project in January.

It'll be good to see Matt Dillon on something meaty. His appearance in Crash (Filmstalker review) really did wake us up to just how good an actor he really is, so seeing him get his hands on strong dramatic roles is great news for the audience.



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