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Disney remakes Burton's Frankenweenie?

TimBurton.jpgIt seems that Disney have been prepping their new animated film and they are looking at a new stop-motion film, not only that but the heavy rumour is that it will be a remake of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.

Frankenweenie was a short film that Tim Burton made and was placed on the DVD offering of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It features a boy who brings to life his dead dog in the same way that Dr. Frankenstein made his creature.

The rumour grew out of the initial story of Disney creating a stop-motion film with one of the leading stop-motion animators of our time, now that could mean either Tim Burton or Nick Park, but most are picking Tim Burton.

CinemaBlend have the story that AICN then took this a step further with an anonymous source emailing them and saying that it was most definitely Tim Burton and it would be Frankenweenie.

Now CB also brings up the suggestion that it could be the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Selick, but then say this is unlikely. I'm not sure, Burton didn't actually make the stop-motion, he just came up with the ideas and produced the film, so surely they are talking about someone who actually made the sop-motion?

So who could it be? I would think if it's just going by the statement "one of the leading stop-motion animators of the last decade", I surely believe that Nick Park lies top, don't you? If it isn't Tim Burton then the rumour of Frankenweenie looks even bleaker. Just remember, these are huge rumours so far.



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