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Duchovny, Anderson and Carter talk X-Files 2

DavidDuchovny.jpgDavid Duchovny knows how to play the media, so a lunch meeting suddenly becomes news, well it does in the world of X-Files anyway.

With the knowledge that X-Files 2 is on the go, a meeting between Duchovny, Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson is more than interesting to X-File fans.

David Duchovny says that the meeting was much more emotional than he thought it would be with Gillian Anderson, with Chris Carter however it wasn’t, they live close to each other as it is.

With X-Files 2 due to start in a few months fans should take this as the final proof that things are going ahead, despite those rumours of tension between the two stars.

Duchovny talks about his hopes for the sequel over at Sci-Fi Wire, and it sounds like he’s keen for the story to be a typical X-Files series story. This is suggesting that what we heard before about the story not being a follow up to the big alien conspiracy seen in the first is true.

“I want us to go out and do what the show always did best, which is really smart, scary, ultimately ambiguous stuff…I think there's been a lot of shows and movies that kind of tread the same area, or tried to, and I think we always did it best. And I hope we can go out and do it best again.”



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