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Elizabeth: The Golden Age charity screening and featurette

ElizabethGoldenAge.jpgA charity event is upcoming for Breast Awareness Month which will show Elizabeth: The Golden Age in order to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer with the full GB £30 of the ticket price going to the charity, or you could enter the competition to win free tickets.

Not only is there a screening, but there's a pre drinks event, a Q&A with the costume designer and style editor of Grazia magazine, as well as a competition to win a goodie bag.

The competition is through Grazia magazine and you have to pass on your details, but still you can opt out of the marketing side and win tickets to the event. Personally though if I was going I would want to pay the money. You can see details of the event, as well as enter the competition and buy tickets, at the charity event site.

As well as the charity event, there's a new featurette online for the film, which you can view over at Channel 4 [WMV].

Elizabeth: The Golden Age looks a powerful film indeed, although some initial reviews have it a little lower than its predecessor.



I saw this at a pre-screening last week and I have to honestly say that trailers make it look wonderful, but the move itself lacks the heart of the first one. I still enjoyed The Golden Age, but it fell short a lot of the time.

I had that feeling too Meli just looking at the trailers, but I still want to see it.

I actually haven't seen the first film, so this might be an interesting comparison to see what you and I think of it Meli.

You haven't seen the first film? Oh Richard, add it to your queue now!!!

It is! Problem is the queue is over three hundred long!

Bump it then! :)


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