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Englund remakes Russian horror

RobertEnglund.jpgRobert Englund has revealed that he's off to Italy to direct a film starring Christopher Lee, and the film in question appears to be a remake of the Russian horror film The Viy, both of which are based on Nikolai Gogol’s novel The Viy.

Not only do I have Englund's description of the film, but there are links to a wealth of information on the Russian horror film as well as a trailer or two.

Over at Twitch they have a ton of information on the film, and multiple trailers, perhaps the best is the English version from Flimz.ru [AVI:Dload:30.1MB] which will tell you about the story and show off the excellent effects.

“It’s not Viy himself who is dangerous, but his gaze. Viy is rather harmless. However, when any mortal looks into Viy’s eyes, the demons of all the sins, fears, passions and horrors, laying dormant in the dark soul of the beholder, attack from within. But a person, whose nature is pure, can look into Viy’s eyes without fear.

The truth is inside you.”

Robert Englund tells us his take on the story with his comment from Fangoria through JoBlo:

“The Viy is a creature of Russian/Ukrainian folklore, and it’s somewhere between the Djinn of WISHMASTER and a fallen angel from purgatory. He has stepped on God’s toes and has to go to Earth, and is pretty cantankerous. We’re hoping to use some of the sets that were left over from The Passion of the Christ.”

Have a look at the Russian trailer at Twitch and see what you think, is Englund going to be able to improve on this, and the fact that he's scored Christopher Lee has to be a major coup.



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