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EverQuest gains 300 writer

EverQuest.jpgMichael Gordon, who co-wrote on the excellent 300 (Filmstalker review), is set to write the adaptation of the online game EverQuest.

The game is a huge multiplayer game which was first published in 1999 with a sequel in 2004, and Sony have been trying to get a film going on the property for some time.

Before World of Warcraft, EverQuest was the most popular online game for four years according to Variety, and it sees players enter a world where they have to fight evil creatures, and each other, and discover treasure.

It's already been a huge money earner for Sony – not only do you buy the game but there's a US $10 a month fee to play, and with 450,000 players at its peak, that's a lot of money!

With such a free form world as this though, there is both scope for a lot of material for a story and not enough. Most traditional videogames have a backstory and a pretty much fixed plot to the conclusion, making for easier adaptation, here though it's just open after the backstory, so it could go anywhere. That could mean it's easier or harder for the screenwriter.



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