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Update: Exciting Jumper trailer online

Jumper.jpgThe trailer for Doug Liman's Jumper is now online, and it's an exciting one that really grabs you and pulls you into the film, already I'm drawn to the characters and the story, and I'm dying to see more.

One of the things that hits you most are the effects used for the jumping, they look a bit like those used in X-Men for Nightcrawler, but what's better is that these effects aren't the film, and the trailer makes that very clear.

Update: I have just received the trailer in multiple formats and sizes, so forget that Flash trailer, get it in big sizes and in whichever format you want.

Jumper looks powerful and dramatic, and really does setup the conflicts between the characters, and whatever the weapon is that Samuel L. Jackson is using, it's very cool.

I have to agree with Solace in Cinema, science fiction of late has been falling very short of what it should be. However this film might just give us something special, or at least above the par.

You can see the trailer over at the official site [Flash], or if you want Quicktime version then you can get it direct from IGN [QT]. The flash is a decent size and quality, not your average undersized blocky flash trailer.

What do you think of it then? I'm excited for this film, Doug Liman looks to have done a great job on Jumper already, and what about Jamie Bell? He looks great in this role, I wonder if Hayden Christensen can hold up against him?

Here are the links for the trailer in multiple formats - enjoy.

Quicktime: 330k, 850k, 1500k
Windows Media Player: 330k, 850k, 1500k
Real Player: 330k, 850k, 1500k



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