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Exorcist remake?

TheExorcist.jpgI find this hard to believe, would even a Hollywood studio be daft enough to consider remaking the huge classic of The Exorcist?

Well it is wild rumour at the moment and hasn't been confirmed by anyone of note, however someone talked with Linda Blair at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival in Tempe and got the word from her.

Linda Blair, if you really don't know your horror, is the woman who played the young girl in The Exorcist who is possessed by a demon and exorcised by the priests played by Max von Sydow and Jason Miller. Lee J. Cobb and Ellen Burstyn also star in the hugely successful and influential horror film.

Amazingly for a horror it won two Oscars and was nominated for many awards, and it became one of the most profitable horror's. Despite making a number of sequels, and prequels, they could never make a film that came close to the original and the reason for many of those films failures was clear – studio involvement.

If this rumour is true, and the individual reveals through IESB that it is, then I can't think of a worse decision in Hollywood at the moment, perhaps even ever. When Linda Blair talked about The Exorcist remake the individual said that she was not happy about it.

Well I'm sure any fan of the original wouldn't be happy about it. I'm not. While I could see that they could create something with better effects and style, they are just not going to come close in terms of story and pushing the scenes like this film did. Can you even see some of those scenes being filmed nowadays?



It seems hollywood is runing out of ideas for movies because everything is sequels,remakes,prequels,ect...We need new creators for movies, movies about life itself, experiences, realistic stories. Leave alone those great films, by doing them you actually destroying those clasic movies, remaking exorcist, grease,jaws,nightmare on elm street,ect.... enough, we don't need remakes of such great films, you do a reamke if you can make it better, but there is no way you can make better movies than those they want to remake. It can't get better than that. HOLLYWOOD - SHAME ON YOU -

Well said Alex! Totally agree with you.

if use dont wonna watch it then dont watch it n stop complainin

Oh don't be daft. The consumer needs to feed back to the supplier so that they know what they want and supply that. If they didn't get feedback it would be a very different business.

Actually that's probably not true, it would be a lot like now where they try ideas again and again and when they totally fail they move onto something else.

Perhaps they should be listening to us, the consumer.

im a big ass linda blair fan and im only 12 years old and if linda blair is pissed off then im pissed off and they should not remake the exorcist


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