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Family Guy Season Six DVD special offer

FamilyGuy-Cover.jpgFamily Guy is hilarious, and that's that. Season sox of the show has just been released on DVD and to coincide with it there's a special money off offer with Play.com if you have a Facebook account and sign up to the superb Facebook application Peter's Sex Club. Believe me this Facebook application is actually something you'll go back to.

Family Guy, is, well your average American family...with a few twists thrown in. Honestly, I love watching the show, it is hugely funny.

Let's see if I can give you some run down on Family Guy. Family Guy is the dysfunctional father, Peter, of a dysfunctional family, a family that comprises of Lois, his wife, Chris, the overweight and unhappy at everything teenager, Megan, the intelligent teen, Brian, the intelligent and talking dog, and Stewie the baby who happens to be a super-intelligent and homicidal maniac. Bizarre it sounds, but it is truly superb.

You can join the Facebook group for Family Guy, or head straight over and add the Peter's Sex Club application to your profile. There's a cool quote generator as well as a chance to mix your own trailer for Family Guy, and there are some hilarious clips too.

Stay tuned as well because if we're lucky we might get a few boxsets for a competition - fingers crossed.



I just had to smile at this topic. :)

Are you a fan?

Im a huge Family Guy fan, got all six seasons plus the movie on DVD. But im finding as the seasons go on the episodes arent quite as good as the first few seasons ones were. In season five the best episode was Fat Guy Strangler. I dont know how many times I nearly choked while watching it and eating at the same time as laughing. Im only onto episode three of season six and its going ok but not as funny as ive come to expect but ill just have to wait and see i guess. Im currently watching volume two of Animaniacs and with that program as well im finding the episodes not as satisfying as the first volume of episodes. And as well a couple of months ago I was watching season eight of The Simpsons which for me is the highlight of all the seasons (I have the first 10 seasons on DVD). I know this isnt the case of all TV shows because I have the first five seasons of The Sopranos on DVD and all the episodes are great and I also have the entire Fawlty Towers series on DVD and although theres not many of them they are all hilarious. Anyway Stewie is my fave Family Guy character and just been to see Eastern Promises and two big thumbs up from me :)

I haven't seen an episode, as you know I don't have telly but I have heard about it from other people, but I might take a look at it after purchasing and watching all of my outstanding Seinfeld DVDs!

Simone, Id highly recomend Family Guy, one of the funniest programs ever in my opinion. And Richard a quick question, do you own many videos or DVDs?

Wow Firebug! You watch a lot of telly!

I find that with a lot of shows they do tail off, but often they can come right back.

Animaniacs rock! I love that show!

Okay, Eastern Promises and I have a date this weekend...hopefully. I'm a bit annoyed because I missed a screening of Buscemi's Interview as I had a hospital appointment...damn.

Anyway, yes I do own loads of DVD's, and a whole stack that are waiting to be seen. I'm starting to get more series on DVD as I just don't have time to watch them week after week, and it's better watching them in one go.

Yeah I know the feeling, I have over 350 DVDs and counting and havent even watched half of them, of course I will get round to watching them. This weekend I have dates with Fracture, Conversations With My Gardner, Suburban Mayhem and Resident Evil: Extinction. Yes I do have a lot of TV shows on DVD, not many programs but the ones I do have, have a lot of seasons in them. Simpsons being my all time favourite. Xmas holidays are coming up soon enough but I dont know how many of my DVDs Ill be able to watch because theres also a lot of new PS3 games coming out as well that I plan on getting and playing.

You sound like me, loads to do and not enough time!

Yeah I always wish there was more time in the day for watching movies and playing video games but I guess its just a matter of organising your time properly which Im pretty good at. I once went and saw 6 movies in one day, wasnt a festival or anything, just 6 new movies coming out and I managed to see them all in one day by organising when I went.


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