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Filmstalker Readers goes live

Filmstalker Readers is finally going live. I’ve been working on it for a little while now and I’ve decided it’s time to open it up, despite it not being completed, it’s working well enough to get you get started.

So before you readers rush off to sign in and you other site admins race in to see what I’ve done, let me explain a little about Filmstalker Readers.

Briefly, Filmstalker Readers is a place where you can vote for your favourite Filmstalker Features and Reviews, submit suggestions for news stories and Features, and submit your own reviews and articles for other Readers to see and vote on.

FilmstalkerReaders.jpgI’ve been wanting to add a couple of things to the site for a little while, one has been allowing readers to vote on reviews and features, another has been the advertising of readers own articles and/or reviews on the site, as well as the ability to allow readers to influence the content on the site in terms of news and features.

My first thought would that a forum would be a good area for everyone, but then there are forums on every film site you go to. Then there’s the annoying problem of signing up to every new site there is, sites which are closed off unless you're signed in and aren’t integrated with anything.

So I thought about it and did a fair amount of research, found an interesting application, and started playing around with it.

Although it’s not ideal as yet, there are plans to do a number of things, but I’ll talk about those in a moment. First I’ll tell you what Filmstalker Readers actually is.

In essence it’s a social bookmarking site which has a voting button linked to all Filmstalker Features and Reviews. There are a number of categories for adding links and these are:

Filmstalker Reviews: Allows you to vote for reviews you particularly like or enjoy, or for reviews of films that you also enjoyed.

Filmstalker Features: Here you can add the features you vote for.

Suggested Features: Allows you to add an idea for a feature on the site – note that you don’t necessarily need to add a link and can just write something.

Suggested Stories: Allows you to add a link to a story that you think would be interesting for the other readers to see written up and discuss – bear in mind that anyone can see these including other site admins, so particular scoops would be better emailed.

Readers Stories: Here you can add links to your own stories on your own sites – note that this is for readers and their sites, not for other sites to do straight advertising.

Readers Reviews: Here you can add links to your own reviews on your own sites – note that this is for readers and their sites, not for other sites to do straight advertising.

FR-StalkButton.jpgFor the voting of features and stories you'll see this little button on all the Features and Reviews on the site, so if you want to vote for one of them, just hit the button and you'll be sent straight through.

One thing that you might find useful is that when you sign up you can grab a bookmarklet for your browser on your profile page. Adding this link to your own browser allows you to easily submit links to Filmstalker Readers.

There are a number of coming enhancements that will enhance the site and integrate it more with Filmstalker. There’s a redesign to make it more of a similar style to that of Filmstalker, widget integration so that the top rated features and reviews can be seen on some key Filmstalker pages, possible integration of the profiles with Filmstalker comments and so on.

So if you want to participate with Filmstalker, help influence the features and stories on the site, and promote your own reviews and stories (individual’s sites only), then sign up for Filmstalker Readers and have a go.

I’ll be watching the feeds for new stories and suggestions as well as participating myself, so see you there. Remember that it will only work if you put into it, so please do, and feel free to feedback either in the comments below or by email.

Here's a short tutorial on how to register and use the site, and here's where you can sign up to Filmstalker Readers. Enjoy, and get Stalking!



WOOO. Cool new feature Richard!


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