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Filmstalker's Week: 22nd to 28th October

Newspapers.jpgWelcome to the weekly roundup of what's happening at Filmstalker. This week has seen a fair amount of trailers and a couple of complete corkers, as well as plenty of articles and a few good reviews.

So here's the week at Filmstalker, and remember to have a look at Filmstalker Readers and submit news and vote on reviews and features.

The Genre Defining series continues here on Filmstalker with a look at the best sport films.

Ramchandra reviews 30 Days of Night.

I saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age and it's not such a great film, although there are some good things about it, like Cate Blanchett's superb performance. You can see the review here.

Rendition was a very strong film and gave me one of the greatest surprises I've had in a very long time. Have a look at the review.

The trailer for Awake with Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba and Lena Olin, and it's looking rather stylish and creepy.

Not really film, but damn close, the trailer for 24 series 7 has arrived, and there's a big surprise.

The trailer I've certainly been waiting for has arrived. John Rambo, or Rambo if you prefer, even Rambo IV, and although it doesn't look as good as the full blood drenched clips we've seen before, it's still looking really good. Could this be Stallone's finest hour? So far that's been Cop Land - see, I can't stop talking about that film.

Repo! The Genetic Opera has let loose with its first teaser trailer online.

I Am Legend surprised everyone with the appearance of the new trailer which shows much more than "one man against the zombies". It looks like this has much more depth, especially for Will Smith's role. I'm beginning to think this might be really good.

There's a trailer online for Autopsy, another medical horror. This one looks much more bloody and horrific than Pathology though.

You can Win Tell No One on DVD, a superb French thriller adapted from a Harlan Coben which you can read the review for right here on Filmstalker.

The Flash changes Director again and it's not looking good.

Daniel Craig has signed for four more Bond films. He could well become the leading Bond we've ever seen.

James McAvoy has been rumoured to be favoured by the studios for the role of Kurt Cobain in a biographical film of his life.

While we're on rumours, Josh Lucas is being rumoured as taking the leading Captain role in the new Star Trek film from J.J. Abrams.

John Travolta has joined Denzel Washington in the Tony Scott remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. This film is starting to look really good.

What the hell is going on in Hollywood? There's a remake...I'm sorry, a reimagining being talked of Blade. Is Hollywood really that devoid of talent?

Oliver Stone's return to Vietnam in the story of Pinkville, a massacre of a vietnam village by U.S. soldiers, has gained another cast member and it's an old friend. Woody Harrelson is set to star alongside Bruce Willis.

Two whole years ago I wrote about Hideo Nakata helming an adaptation of the Natsuo Kirino novel Out. Two years ago! Now though the story is across the internet. Sometimes they are so slow it's painful, I'm just a small voice in a very big pond.

Joe Carnahan has hit some trouble with his open style of blogging about his filmmaking. I find that rather strange since he's trying to make films for the fans.

Mark Millar won't be getting a crack at writing the Superman sequel because he's a Marvel writer and Superman is DC, something J. Michael Straczynski said before it was announced. Once again, never mind the fans.

Guy Ritchie has confirmed that he's going to be directing The Dirty Dozen - good thing or bad?

Jamie foxx has signed for the Zebra Murders, the story of racial killings in San Francisco that resulted in the authorities issuing Zebra cards to all African Americans in the city.

Michael Mann will be directing Frankie Machine, about a mob hitman pulled back in from retirement for one last hit, his own. Robert De Niro is Frankie Machine.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are teaming up again in Shutter Island, another Dennis Lehane novel.

Anthony Hopkins is set to play Alfred Hitchock during the time he was making Psycho.

The writer of Braveheart is set to direct a film that sounds much like Extraordinary League of Gentlemen, with Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley and Marie Laveau as the league called The Arcanum.

Ridley Scott is making a film about Robin Hood, but this time he's making the Sheriff of Nottingham the good guy, or rather a guy caught in the middle of something, and he finally revealed the story behind it.

Could Nick Cassavetes be directing Captain America? His Mum thinks so.

George Clooney has had to leave White Jazz, and Carnahan is busy looking for a replacement.

Could Stallone be negotiating on a Rambo V? On the strength of the footage we've seen so far I say good stuff.

This really is crazy. It seems there might just be a remake of The Exorcist.

The writers of Superman Returns have bailed out of writing the sequel, does that mean Bryan Singer is next?

Finally, Bruce Campbell has confirmed that there's going to be a My Name is Bruce sequel...although a Bubba Ho-tep sequel is dead.



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