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Filmstalker's Week: 30th September to 7th October 2007

Newspapers.jpgYes, I missed a week. I honestly don't know where it went, I can't even remember what I was doing last Sunday. However this week it's back.

So here's the best of the week from Filmstalker, the competitions still open, the articles from the week, trailers, reviews and any feature that may have popped up.

Speed read your way through the week. Have a look at the three superb competitions that Filmstalker has this week, with some cracking prizes. Anything I've missed?

You can win Black Sheep goodies, T-Shirts and stress sheep, and it's easy to enter too.

Playstation games, DVD's, iPod holders and T-Shirts, all to be won in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force competition.

There's even more to win with DVD's of Blue Blood signed by the Director to give away!

BAFTA have refused to nominate any of the eligible foreign language films that Britain have produced this year, despite the Scottish possibility receiving much acclaim from festivals around the world. Rather than nominate the best, they've nominated none, and the anger is even being felt from the U.S.

Stuart Beattie has talked about videogames in Hollywood and his latest project, an adaptation of the videogame Gears of War.

Jason Statham will return in Crank 2, and the film picks up exactly where the first one ended. The writer-directors explain how.

Bryan Singer's script for his dead version of Logan's Run is reviewed online, right up until the meaty part of the story that is, and it sounds rather good.

In the story I was first to write about in the online film community, Neill Blomkamp reveals that Halo is totally dead as a film, although that's not what we're hearing from Bungie. When talking about their departure from Microsoft they have been saying that the relationship with Peter Jackson is very much alive. I think Gears of War will beat them though.

Oh lord no! Could Len Wisemen be off the remake of Escape From New York and the studio lining up Brett Ratner for his replacement?

Has the Hellraiser remake found it's Directors?

Is Vin Diesel going to be the new Terminator? At the same time a Director might have been chosen for the film.

Is there going to be a Serenity sequel? Seems there's a strong desire, especially with the DVD profits in.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in talks to return to Fast and the Furious 4.

Natalie Portman joins Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire on the remake of Brødre.

Could Sacha Baron Cohen take Peter Sellers role in the remake of The Party?

Peter Berg is to direct a film about the famous John Paul Getty kidnapping.

Tintin gets the Jekyll and Doctor Who screenwriter Steven Moffat.

The Incredible Hulk plot is revealed.

David Cronenberg's The Brood could be getting remade.

Shoot 'Em Up sequel script could be complete.

Peter Morgan is writing a film about Tony Blair and his relationship with the two U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Anthony Hopkins wrote, directed, scored and starred in his latest film, and the trailer is online...and rather confusing. A mix of time and reality, you have to watch it though, because it does look interesting.

The horror set in an underground parking lot has trailer is onlinea trailer, and surprisingly it looks rather good.

The much anticipated trailer for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street musical has appeared online, and it looks rather good and very dark. Not much singing to be heard as yet though.

Two sets of footage for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie have arrived online.

I can't believe I forgot to watch the trailer for Brian De Palma's Redacted, the film that looks at the true events of a rape of a fourteen year old girl and the murder of her family by U.S. soldiers. The trailer is super effective and looks like it could be a very powerful film.

The first in a series of features on the genre defining films, this time, Westerns.

The Kingdom
Filmstalker reviews Auf Bösem Boden (On Evil Grounds)



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