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Filmstalker's Week: 8th to 14th October

Newspapers.jpgThere's been a lot happening this past week, some new trailers, a few new reviews, extension of the competitions because there are still prizes to literally give away, and a pretty in-depth feature, not to mention all the articles.

So without further ado, here's the best of the week from Filmstalker in quick fire form. See what you've missed in a packed week.

There's heated debate about women in Hollywood just now, and I ask if we, the audience, are the problem.

All competitions are extended for one more week! - Win stress sheep, t-shirts, ipod holders, PS2 games, DVD's, Blue Blood even has DVD's signed by the Director! Enter now, it's free and easy.

Drop Box
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon the Movie for Theatres

The trailer for The Eye arrives and actually looks pretty good.

The trailer for Charlie Wilson's War has appeared online and has Tom Hanks looking very strong, if somewhat light.

Jumper has a trailer, and it looks superb. I've managed to get it in multiple formats and sizes.

The Golden Compass has a new high definition trailer online.

Video spoilers appear for Sex and the City, and they just seem to confuse us even more. Are they faking footage?

Sylvester Stallone is hinting that there may be more Rambo films to come.

Filmstalker Readers has gone live, where you can vote for the content you want to see on Filmstalker, as well as vote and publicise your own reviews and stories.

Simon Pegg is to play Scotty in J.J. Abrams Star Trek, and I really think that's a bad idea.

Fox is denying that they are going to alter Hitman in order to get a lower rating and that Xavier Gans has been swapped out as Director.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford gets no marketing for its release, guaranteed to fail then.

Paul W.S. Anderson says he was chosen over Martin Scorsese for The Long Good Friday remake!

Could there be a Disturbia sequel?

Warner Brothers are denying that a memo was written asking for no more female led films.

Eric Bana is the new Star Trek baddie.

Details are out for Terry Gilliam's new film, Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

John Woo's classic The Killer is getting remade.

The proposed Re-Animator sequel set in the Whitehouse doesn't look like it's going to be happening.

New Line are softening towards Peter Jackson, could we see The Hobbit after all?

John Carter of Mars will be a trilogy.



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