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Firth in Piers Morgan biography?

ColinFirth.jpgYou know I really didn't even know there was a Piers Morgan biographical film planned, but according to the rumour online today there's more than a biography planned as we find out that, just maybe, Colin Firth is being considered to play the role.

Colin Firth has spoken out about these rumours, and it does sound like he's been approached, but he's just not sure whether to do the film yet.

Piers Morgan is the ex-editor of the British “newspapers” The Daily Mirror and the News of the World, neither are hardly moral standpoints of British journalism, but they are very popular papers.

His career in newspapers is littered with controversy as he seems to have been moved from job to job whenever he pushed too far with photographs and headlines. His last outspoken moment saw him fired from The Daily Mail after photographs of British Troops abusing Iraqi prisoners were found to have been faked, and therefore falsely put the British forces into disrepute.

Now he's trying to resell himself as a television personality, particularly in the U.S., and his own view of his newspaper career has come out in his autobiography, The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Apparently this is the book that might make it to the big screen, and with Colin Firth being looked to for the lead. Through Digital Spy Firth says:

“I keep getting ambushed with Piers Morgan quotes. I love him dearly but I just don't know.”

Yes I would be dubious of the role. If it was impartial and looked without bias at his career then perhaps I might, but it does look like it's going to follow his view and put a spin on his past in the newspaper business.



There were some articles about this in 'The Independent' last year. First in February, then this snippet on 12 April 2006. I guess the script was not what Colin Firth had in mind.

[In February, I asked Colin Firth if he'd play Piers Morgan in the film version of his Fleet Street memoir, The Insider.

"I'd need rather a lot of time to think about it," came his lukewarm reply. "It would have to be a very good script."

That was just over a month ago. But things have since moved on apace, and Morgan and Firth are making efforts to cut a deal.

"Colin phoned me as I was browsing in a Wandsworth Bridge Road video store (ironically for Fever Pitch), and said he'd love to see a script," Morgan tells me.

"Since he fully supported my stance on the Iraq war he'd see it as a privilege to play me. We're sending him a script as soon as it's finished."

Morgan says he and Firth have much in common: "He's handsome, courageous, debonair, intelligent, very much the thinking woman's crumpet."]

Just an opinion here, but I hope he doesn't do it and I also think Colin has it all over Piers in the looks department. Not even a close comparison.


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