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Foxx signs for Zebra Murders

JamieFoxx.jpgIt wasn't long ago that we heard of Matthew Michael Carnahan talking about his new script which would chronicle the Zebra Murders story, well now Jamie Foxx has signed up to the film and it looks set to be a powerful one.

The story looks at a group of African American men who began attacking and murdering people at random in San Francisco, resulting in the instigation of identification cards for all African Americans in the city called Zebra Cards.

Adapted from the novel The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness, and Civil Rights (Hardcover)
by Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) by Carnahan the story focuses on the two policemen (the authors of the book) who were behind breaking the case all the while being subjected to racial harassment from within the police force.

I don't know if the story will cover this specifically, but the policemen gathered together a group of minority policemen who were suffering abuse and took the force to court for discrimination, and they won. Not only that but Sanders went on to become the police chief of San Francisco.

I do wonder how much of the original story will remain in the film. As we heard from Matthew Michael Carnahan himself when he first talked about the project, those that were behind the killings were from the Nation of Islam temple, and it strikes me that while the racism in the police force might be an area that the studio would be willing to tackle the content but touching on this aspect might just be a little much.

Hopefully they will retain the script in its entirety, after all Carnahan is proving himself to be a cracking writer, and with the news from Variety that Jamie Foxx to play Sanders I think we might be in for something rather special.



Nation of Islam racially motivated murder spree: October 20, 1973 – May 1, 1974, The “Death Angels” ‘Zebra Killings’ http://arabracismislamofascism.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/nation-of-islam-racially-motivated-murder-spree-october-20-1973-may-1-1974-the-death-angels-zebra-killings/


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