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Freeman, Banderas in The Code

MorganFreeman.jpgMorgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas are set to star in a film directed by Mimi Leder called The Code. It's a crime thriller which sees an ageing thief take on a younger criminal for his final job.

What complicates things is that this final job is to pay off the Russian Mafia, and the money is on the job going wrong, the younger thief stealing the money, and/or the Russian Mafia looking to kill him anyway.

Morgan Freeman plays the older thief while Antonio Banderas will play the new recruit. Let's hope it isn't too similar to an older film that starred Banderas and Sylvester Stallone, Assassins, just with theives instead of killers.

According to Empire's story Reuben Leder wrote the story for The Code which Ted Humphrey has turned into a script for Mimi Leder to direct. Humphrey has written for television and this marks his first feature, while Leder is returning to directing after a long break from directing features since Pay it Forward, that Kevin Spacey film back in 2000, however she has been keeping busy since with a fair amount of television directing.



What's up with the Count Blacula picture in the left corner?

It's one of my favourite Morgan Freeman pictures!


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