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Harrelson joins Willis in Stone's Pinkville

WoodyHarrelson.jpgWoody Harrelson and Michael Peña are teaming up with Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum to join Oliver Stone's return to the Vietnam War on film with Pinkville, a story about the My Lai Massacre where U.S. soldiers killed some five hundred people during a morning market.

In Pinkville, Woody Harrelson plays Colonel Henderson who was in charge of the task force that spear headed the massacre.

Bruce Willis plays William R. Peers, the General responsible for the investigation into the attack, and Channing Tatum is playing Hugh Thompson Jr., the helicopter pilot who flew in and ordered his crew to save villagers from his own soldiers. There's no news from Reuters through Yahoo News on who Michael Peña is playing, although IMDB tells us it's the role of Captain Ernest Medina.

I'm quite surprised that Tatum is playing the helicopter pilot, the seeming hero of the story, with the big hitting actors playing those behind the scenes of the heroic event. This makes me wonder if Oliver Stone is going to be concentrating on the actual event, or if it's going to be some trial and flashback kind of scenario, particularly with Willis playing the General who investigates the incident.

The other surprise in all this is that Oliver Stone is returning to Vietnam for his next film and not turning his eyes towards Afghanistan or Iraq which he already thought of doing but turned away. He was planning to make a film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden but cancelled it as the situation and the story were changing so much.

It seems he'd rather create the definitive work on the story, and so it's back to Vietnam, but do we want to see another Vietnam tale as Hollywood races on with Afghanistan and Iraq?



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