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Heather Mills biographical film?

HeatherMills.jpgBack in April, yes April, Filmstalker had the news about Heather Mills planning a film of her life, such as it is.

The funny part of it is who she wants to play herself in the film, and believe me it's a funny one.

Heather Mills has already said that she wants to film the story, but again through The Daily Mail and Digital Spy one of those pesky sources says:

"Heather has been working for some time on the biopic. Of course it had been shelved while she thought they were heading for a settlement.

But the script was dusted off pretty rapidly over the weekend. She had wanted Heather Locklear to play her.

She now feels someone with slightly more credibility like Reese Witherspoon should play her. Heather wants an unknown to play Paul."

What a load of ridiculous rubbish. You can instantly see the ego and revenge aspect of this comment - she wants a huge name star to play her, the struggling reality star who road the coat tails of Paul McCartney., and a nobody to play McCartney himself, one of the Beatles and a legend in the music industry.

Yeah, sounds like it would be a very unbiased and entertaining film. Count me out. I can watch War of the Roses on DVD and have more fun thanks.



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