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Hellraiser remake Directors talk

Hellraiser.jpgIt's hard to believe Directors who say something like “it's not a remake, it's an adaptation” these days because they are all doing it and then when the film comes what is it? A remake.

However the Directors for the new Hellraiser film have been talking a little about it and they are keen to point out that they are not remaking the film, and that Clive Barker is totally behind them...probably with some fish hooks on chains!

The Directors of Inside (À l’intérieur) were interviewed over at Twitch, which I found through JoBlo (sorry Todd et al, I have added your new feed) and they gave a little away about the new Hellraiser, and when I say a little I really do mean just that.

“ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO: We are actually writing the script right now and we don’t want to remake exactly the Cliver Barker movie. We have met Clive and told him what we want to do with “Hellraiser” and he said, “It’s f**king good do it!” We are happy to have his benediction. It will not be a remake. It will still be called “Hellraiser” and it will have a new Pinhead.

JULIEN MAURY: It’s more of an adaptation.

ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO: With our vision we want to be very fair to the cinephile fans of “Hellraiser.” We want to make something very different and something new with it...It will be very different. It won’t be like the original “Hellraiser” or that series of movies. We are big fans of the original but we don’t want to do it as a remake since that would be complete nonsense to do [or approach] it that way. Our story is very very different I promise! It will be cool!”

Now I thought Clive Barker had been writing the screenplay, so I'm guessing that these guys are rewriting the script that Barker has produced.

Interestingly Julien Maury say's that they are “maybe” going to do Hellraiser next. Now I don't know if the maybe is referring to the place in the schedule or perhaps that they might not direct, we'll have to wait and see.

However I can't even get a sense of where they could go with a new Hellraiser, particularly with a new Pinhead. Perhaps they will look at the creation of the cenobites, although that's a sequel remake surely. Honestly, I can't see where they could go with a very different remake, can you?



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