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Hitman and Hellboy 2 sites and Hitman game

Two websites are live today, one for the Hitman and Hellboy 2, and there's a cool little game for Hitman where you can start shooting your friends - not for real life though! You can see the game in the main story.

The Hellboy 2: The Golden Army official site is online and has what looks like the start of some great content, including a blog in the loosest sense of the word. There's nothing that much there so far, just links of other news stories and a couple of short introductions, but it does look promising, just give us some feeds why don't you! The official site for Hellboy 2 comes from Superhero Hype.

The Hitman website has gone live with the teaser, trailer and a few promotional images, however the most fun to be had is the Hitman game. Carry out five missions and then you can pitch yourself against your friends as you try to hit them before they hit you. The game is below and the offical Hitman site comes through Latino Review. Oh, and the game's right here.



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