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Hooper says Buick 8 not stock

Tobe Hooper is defending his adaptation of Stephen King's From a Buick before it has even begun, perhaps rightly so considering the bad representation that Stephen King so often gets in the cinema, outside of Frank Darabont of course.

He's already said that the story won't be a stock horror, which shouldn't be surprising considering the story of the source material.

On the face of it From a Buick 8 sounds a lot like Christine, the blurb telling of people mysteriously disappearing around the car, however the story is much more than that.

The car is a portal between worlds where people disappear and creatures from another world occasionally come through. A group of State Troopers decide that they will keep the car guarded and secret from the world, and when one of them passes away, the others recruit the next.

So one of the Troopers does die, and the others gather around his son to pass on his role. From accounts, because I haven't read it, the story is told from the Troopers differing points of view.

Variety tells us that Actor-writer Johnathon Schaech and Richard Chizmar wrote the script which Tobe Hooper will be bringing to the screen, of the script Hooper says:

"From a Buick 8…your stock horror film by any means. There's a really cool, layered quality to the story…The producers, writers and I shared the same sensibility about the project and responded to it in a similar way."

I struggle to find an interest in King films outside of Frank Darabont, equally I've not found an interest in King's writing for a long time, other than the Dark Tower series. Perhaps this is a story that might rekindle my interest.



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