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Hopkins to play Hitchcock

AlfredHitchcock.jpg It seems that Anthony Hopkins is going to be playing Alfred Hitchcock after all, and the source is the man himself. Hopkins, not Hitchcock.

We had heard that Hopkins was possibly going to be playing Hitchcock, so consider this the best confirmation you can get.

Anthony Hopkins will take the role in the film Running With Scissors which is directed by Ryan Murphy and the previous rumours also had Helen Mirren playing his wife.

The story comes from Teletext, although as usual there's no indication of source.

The story is set to follow Hitchcock's making of Psycho, and with these two cast it would be a very interesting film indeed, Hopkins could make a great Hitchcock. What are the chances of getting Mirren on board?



Love Hitchcock and adore Hopkins.

Hopkins and Mirren together - now this is some casting coup! And the casting of Hopkins as Hitchcock is absolutely spot on!

I would love it if Hopkins played Hitchcock...he would be perfect.

The movie is scheduled to begin production very soon after the writers' strike has been settled. The cast is shaping up to be strong names from American and British theater and films, a number of them critics' favorite. Some are very well-known and others are great but not necessarily household names. The script is closely based on the book "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho" but very much rethought for the screen and not at all the standard biographical movie. This looks a big one.


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